Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Why Is It.....

I am sitting up late due to kids keep making noises that are waking me up but I have a question for all of you my friends.

Why is it that I could handle childbirth with 2 kids, 7 weeks of labor with one of them, flying to the other side of the world for our 3rd child (I'm terrified of flying).

I have had broken bones in my life.

I have handled many, many things.

For some reason though I cannot handle a broken toenail that I got on Christmas morning. I am not kidding you. I caught my nail on our wood floor while opening gifts and I won't go into details but I almost passed out. Chris has been taking care of it for me and again tonight when he went to change the bandaid I almost got sick and passed out and had to lay down.



Kisha said...

Because toes are sensitive little buggars that seem to emit the most pain when agitated at all. And it's a daily reminder everytime you walk just how painful the incident is, that is why they cause so many issues.

Lund7 said...

Seven WEEKS of labor...are you serious!!!???

I too think I am less able to handle the little pains( nd I'm not saying that yours is little) now compared to when I was a bit younger!