Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Do You Believe In Miracles?

I'm talking about the real kind of miracles, the kind of miracles that you actually see with your eyes. It's easy to say when someone is in an accident "oh it's a miracle you survived". There are things we say everyday "oh that's a miracle that happened." Have you ever really wondered though if God actually does real, real miracles today?

I have a friend that has a disease that causes tumors to grow all over her body. My friend has had a lot of these tumors removed but it is rare for them to be cancerous. Within the last year or so she got the horrible news that some of her tumors had become cancerous and due to it being so rare they really had no idea how to treat her and pretty much just wanted to experiment on her for science.

My friend is in her early 30's and a mom to 3 young boys that need their momma around. They have prayed and prayed for God to heal her and were beginning to think God was not listening.

About a month or so ago they found a cancerous tumor that they said they needed to remove. They thought they could hold it off until after Christmas and all that good stuff. Two weeks before Christmas my friend went to see the surgeon and he gave her some really bad news. The tumor was growing very, very fast and they couldn't wait it needed to go now. One week before Christmas my friend went in for surgery.

The night she had surgery her husband called me to tell me that the tumor was not there. The Dr. searched and searched all over her and NOTHING. They have 3 pictures of this tumor and it was no where to be found.

God removed that tumor for her. My friend got a physical MIRACLE from God for Christmas!!!

Have you seen God do a real physical miracle? If so can you share because I love nothing more than BIG GOD stories?


Sally- That Girl! said...

He can move mountains and He can perform miracles! Thanks for sharing!

I do believe in miracles,one is in the works in our home right now! More on that later!

Here's to more miracles in 2010!!

Anonymous said...

Give all praises to Him !!!

Adeye said...

wooohoooo---A God of signs and wonders, that's who we serve, my friend. That is just incredible news. Would should EXPECT miracles, shouldn't we??? Amazing!!!