Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Question Of The Day

For a very, very long time now I have put myself on the back burner. I am a mom a 3 small children so for about 7 years now (you so have to count pregnancy time with Amaya because I was deathly ill) I put everyone else first and me last.

I just realized this week that my babies aren't babies anymore. They can bathe themselves, dress themselves, clean their rooms (when their forced to), make their own snacks, help clean the house, feed the dogs, help fold laundry and well the list goes on.

When I was out shopping for Christmas on Saturday I was at a store that had 50% off of their wall hangings. I found one I fell in love with and ask Chris if I could buy my own Christmas present from him. I never, ever do this. I never get anything for myself. You know what? I love having something for myself! I really struggle with this though when there are so many people out there that don't have anything.

I also said to Chris the other day that if I keep winning jewelry with my new addiction that I might even become a "fancy mom" as Amaya would say. I never wear jewelery now other than the stuff I have got for free.

I won't even begin to tell you how old my clothes are and I'm sure there are people out there including Rett that would love to just take me and give me a makeover.

I think this next year though I am going to work towards doing some things for ME now that I have a little time to do that with the kids getting older.

What are some frugal things you do to take care of you?


Shonni said...

I indulge in books...I love to read. So Steve understands when he sees the Amazon order what it is and why...

Adeye said...

Oh happy day!!! I think what you're doing is WONDERFUL, my friend. It feels good to be pampered (in a cheap way!). For me, well, I do love clothes. But I cannot afford to buy them new. Ever. So, every now and then I'll leave the kids with Anthony and hit the thrift stores ALONE! I have the best time. I find the best (and cutest) bargains ever. If I go on Saturdays, I get 50% off everything. Even if I only have $20--I can get quite a few things. So much fun! I LOVE thrift stores. Wish I lived near you--I'd come and take you thrift store shopping :)

Love you!

Tony and Rett said...

No, not a makeover...I like who you are. I'd just want to spoil you a bit, since you never spoil yourself!

Hmmm, seriously, I love to paint my toenails...cheap and it looks so pretty.

My splurges would be shoes (I NEVER pay full price) and underclothes. I mean it. Sarah, if your underclothes (bras/panties) were nice and/or even matched (my personal favorite) it just makes you feel pretty! It also perks up your attitude and self confidence. It's those little things that go a long way!

JJ said...

Hey Sarah, I'm still waiting for that long email that you were in the middle of when your computer shut down! =) What do I do when I indulge, um well with my husband being in the military and not home very often, my indulgances don't occur very often but a bath and a glass of cheap wine. (And I mean cheap, like the $4 bottles of wine-if it's even considered wine at that point hahah!!) otherwise a NAP!!! I love naps! So write me that long email again....I'll be waiting.