Thursday, December 17, 2009

What Happens To Them

For those of you that followed me when I first started fighting for Duncan from Reece's Rainbow you will remember how emotional I got. This morning I saw this video on a blog and it explains why I was so emotional for Duncan.

This video shows what happens to kids in many countries around the world when they have certain disibilities.

Wonder what breaks God's heart? Watch this.

There are many, many children right now on waiting for someone just like you to save them from this happening when they turn 4.


Adeye said...

Oh God in heaven--how can that even be????

I wept all the way through, my friend. It is hard to watch--but it is reality.

I think I'm going to post that too.

Love you.

Holly said...

I too cried...oh Jesus.
Come quickly!

The Mommy Homemaker said...

Wow, it makes you wonder how many other atrocities are happening that we don't even know about. Thank you for posting this and shedding some light on the matter. Thank you also for posting so much about adoption. Someday I hope to adopt, and until then I just pray for those poor children.

Lund7 said...

I know it breaks my heart... when I think that my precious Ricky would be treated so differently in other parts of the world. Thanks for posting this...I've seeen it before but it's good to educate others.