Friday, December 11, 2009

I Have An Addiction

OK, since you guys were AWESOME yesterday helping me to stay warm with your wonderful comments I'm going to be very real with you today.


Yes, my friends I have become addicted to a certain website. The website I have been addicted to you can check out by clicking here. I can't believe I am sharing this with you.

A couple months ago I won a giveaway on a friends blog and in her giveaway she asked people how they found her blog. Someone mentioned the site above so I went to it and that is all it took. Come naptime or bathtime everyday (after I check my farm on Facebook) I have to go check out this site.

Not only can you sign up for giveaways (by the way I have won a few of them) but you get to find incredible ETSY stores.

I know I am lowering my chances of winning but since you guys are awesome I will share just this one time. Don't tell too many people please!


Tony and Rett said...

LOVE IT...need to sign up for more!!!

Adeye said...

oohhhh, how fun. Thanks for passing on your little addiction :)

Hope you're warm, friend.

Sihui said...

Thanks for sharing our site with your readers:) It's a good addiction (I've got it too)!