Monday, December 14, 2009

Thankful Thursday On Monday - I Won Again

Wow, I was so excited to open up my email this morning to find that I won another giveaway. I am very excited about this one because Chris and I had just decided to take our house off the market for awhile. We were totally depressed about this and I told Chris if we were going to do this that we were going to stop looking at our house as something we will sell someday and that we would make it "our home." For so long we have been in the "we want to sell our home" way of thinking that we didn't bother decorating to make it a home.

I have to tell you that we have one room in our house that I really, really do not like. Our bathroom is tiled more than 1/2 way up the wall in PINK and green tile. Since the day we moved here I have never done anything to it because what do you do with a pink and green room?

Well, God gave me a little blessing this morning and I won the perfect picture to put in my pink and green bathroom. You can go check it out here if you want and go look at the other amazing photographs. Have I told you I LOVE Etsy???

Has anyone been signing up for giveaways since my last post?


Adeye said...

yyaaayyyeeeee---I am thrilled for you, my friend. I LOVE that picture. I understand, it is so hard to make a house a home when your heart is so not there. I KNOW the Father will bless you with your country home someday. He will :)

Tony and Rett said...

What a beautiful picture! Congrats!

If you decide to paint that room, let me know, I'm always up for it!

Beholden-To-Nature (Kenna) said...

I am honored to be able to provide the pick-me-up that helps you get into loving your home! What a great thing to get to be part of-- finding the good! :) AT&T has accidentally shut off our service and can't seem to get it back on until tomorrow or Weds, but email me your full name and address and I'll get your print mailed out Weds or Thurs for you. :)

Congratulations! :D And best wishes making your house a home!

chicknboy said...

excited for you!! neat pic.

yes-signed up for a couple give-aways. thanks for the link...I can see how it's addicting. :)