Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Where's Your Shoebox?

I am so excited because I just got our email from Samaritans Purse saying our shoeboxes went to Benin. I had never heard of Benin and then I read more and they are in Benin, AFRICA!!!

My heart has been in Africa for sometime now so I am very, very excited about where God shipped our shoeboxes to.

This is my favorite project and it's fun that we can see where the boxes go now.

So where did you boxes go?

PS If you don't know what I'm talking about click here.


Lund7 said...

We always love filling several shoe boxes for SP each year too! We bring them in to church and they take them to the processing center here in Mpls. I have never received noticed where our boxes went from there! That's neat that they let you know where it went!!

Goins Gang said...

We look forward to filling our shoeboxes every year! We just found out that our boxes went to Ghana!
It's fun to be able to pray specifically for the country, along with the children that receive the boxes.
We are very grateful for the work of
Samaritan's Purse that allows us the opportunity to participate.