Monday, March 2, 2009

You All Crack Me Up

Yes, we have been on a full bed all these years. Maybe that's why we don't fight is because we have to be so close to each other every night =). Honestly I hate being in a King bed when were on vacation because I can't find him.

I told him last night that he better keep sleeping right next to me anyway even though we will have a bigger bed. I actually can't sleep if I don't have him right next to me.

Maybe the reason there were less divorces in the old days is because there was no such thing as a king or queen bed.


Mom Of Many said...

I think its sweet that you have had a full all these years. I would, personally, prefer a twin (LOL- seriously) but Dw gets tired of me hanging all over him and needs to "stretch out" we are in a queen, but have ordered a king....ugh, men!

He says that when we were first married, I would move toward him and crowd him and then he would get out of bed and come to the other side so I would have to move across to find him in my sleep again...I think he's kidding...but anyway, I just have to be touchin' my man!!


Goins Gang said...

Nothin' wrong with snuggling with your man! You can still do that in a queen-size bed! :)
Sweet Dreams!!!!