Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday

As Linny would say YIPPEE JESUS!!! We have our new mattress. OK, so I know it looks like nothing fancy but man I didn't realize how bad we needed it until we slept on it last night.
Usually we toss and turn all night and wake up feeling like we're 80 but last night we barely moved and slept sooooo good. The bed is so big (I know a lot of you are laughing now) that we could have fit another person in it.

Also since the kids have been so sick I haven't been able to get out to buy sheets. My wonderful mom called last night and said she had a set of sheets for us. She gave us sheets that look like we are at a fancy hotel (I know you can't tell in the picture). They are soft and shiny and are just wonderful.

So this Thankful Thursday I am thankful for:

Our new mattress (thanks to tax season and God letting us get back a nice return).

My amazing mom who shows up with sheets when I need them. Mom also showed up with glass cups and towels just when I needed them this year and I didn't even tell her I needed them.

I am also very thankful our kids are getting better and slept through the night last night (OK, Jaxson woke up once but just once is a miracle) so we could enjoy our mattress.

So what are you thankful for today?


Tony and Rett said...

WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!! It looks SO comfy and soft! I bet it will feel like you're staying in a hotel all the time! Too bad there's no room or maid service! Maybe Chris can leave a chocolate piece on your pillow though!

Seriously, congrats. It's nice to get some well deserved comfort!

Joyful Mom said...

Yaeeee, that is wonderful! So happy for you---don't get lost in the bed :)

christina said...

YAHOO! :) So happy that you are enjoying a good nights sleep! How like your mom to anticipate your need - what a blessing!

Mom Of Many said...
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Mom Of Many said...

OH MY GOLLY - I mean Chris and Sarah...I think I ought to head to bed...even though its only 3:49 in the afternoon...

Goins Gang said...

Yeahhhh! We are excited for you! We know how that feels. . .to go from feeling springs to comfort! For us, it took a herniated disk to get us to that point, but it's nice now!
How cool for God to work through your Mom to provide just what you need. . .at just the right time! :)