Monday, March 9, 2009

At Risk

I ask permission of a mom that has rescued some precious children to share with you what she knows first hand of what happens to these children if they are not adopted. When you read this you will understand why I am so passionate about rescuing special needs orphans.

I also pray that you will help take a stand for
orphans. You can take a stand by praying, advocating, giving to help with the ransom costs of getting these children into homes or better yet giving an orphan a home.
This is the story of what happens to these children:

Our son who was 15 almost 16 when we adopted him was already moved to a trade school. It was one of the worst places we were in. They did not have lights or heat. Our son's window was broken out.. in order for him to get it fixed he had to pay the director an amount of money which he did not have... so he put his only very thread bare blanket in it. We were there Nov.- Dec. 2005 and it was cold. He did not get enough food or no clothing was provided. He wore the same smelly, wool pants and same stinkin socks every day we were there for 4 weeks in his region... when he would leave the couch or chair he had sat on smelled for hours.. he did not nor was he encouraged to bathe. His teeth were rotten, and his speech was difficult to understand. He had a cleft lip and palate that was not taken care of. In the summers at his previous orphanage, when kids would go to camp on the beach he was sent to an insane asylum - because they did not understand him and felt"he must be crazy". He would cry when we left him at nite at the trade school... finally he ran away to our town- 3 hrs away..... life was hell for him even at his yg. age of 15. Life would have been even worse on the streets after his 18 month training was over... Funny all my older adopted kids when shown or watch videos of orphanages notice one thing- "How fat the directors or most of the caregivers are." I never have even

noticed but it is there perception.... wonder why. Also on their passports it has a stamp "orphan"- We were told by our translator that stamp stays in their passports ... so they always have that stigma with them.

Now fast forward 3 yrs and visit my blog to get all of the story. We just celebrated Joseph's 19 bday. I am so proud

of this yg. man and all he has accomplished since he came home.

So many families won't even consider them because of their age.. we have adopted so far 12 older children ( 5 and over- of that number 10 of them were 11 at the time or older thru the age of 16). All of them have been a blessing beyond anything we could have imagined and all are an inspiration to the Lord and His love in a life that was lost....

You can read this mother's blog a .

These children that I have pictured are all at risk children waiting for a home. If they don't get a family they are at risk of the same life as the boy from the story. You can find out more about these children at It's not right that any child or any human should have to live a life like that.

I want to ask one more favor. Would you pray with me that the spirit of adoption would come heavily over our churches and that christians would take a stand for orphans?


Mom Of Many said...

I have longed to bring some kids with down syndrome home...who knows what the Lord has...but in the meantime I will pray for that Spirit of Adoption to fall heavily...actually could it fall heavily enough to clunk some people on the head? *giggle*


Joyful Mom said...

Breaks my heart, friend. I agree with Linny---some people need a good clunk on the head :)