Tuesday, March 10, 2009

House Full of Sick Kiddos

OK, if your reading this will you please say a prayer for healing in this house. I know this seems so little compared to some big requests out there but I belive in prayer and we need it.

We have 3 very sick little ones right now. Being a mom of 3 now we don't run to the Dr. for every little thing now but my momma diagnosis says they all have croup. They have every symptom of it and according to the internet it just has to run it's course and it usually takes about 6 days. Amaya and Jaxson are on day 4 so hopefully nearing the end but Paigie just started.

Paige has a problem when she gets a cold that can make us end up in the ER with her because she can't stop coughing. It is so hard to watch her when she is going through her coughing spells.

Amaya has her kindergarten round-up tomorrow that she has been looking forward to since she was about 2 I think =). Also this momma needs some sleep.

So if your reading this can you please pray that all our kiddos will feel better really soon? Thanks!


chicknboy said...

I will pray!
we have a sick kiddo too-"croup like" condition in her lungs according to the pediatrician. Our kids have always had to go on breathing treatments with croup-you're lucky if they're getting better on their own!! that's a huge praise right there! :) I'll pray Paige stays out of the ER!

Joyful Mom said...

No prayer request is ever too small :) Absolutely--I will be praying for healing in your house. Three sick? No fun at all!

Tony and Rett said...

Sooo, praying for your entire household!

Goins Gang said...

We will definitely pray! God wants to hear it all! We cares even more than we do!:)