Friday, March 27, 2009

This Little Amazing Boy

Jaxson truly amazes me everyday. When we first accepted his referral I figured I would have to figure out ways of teaching him how to do things with one arm. I was sooooooo wrong. Jaxson can figure out ANYTHING and everything.

Jaxson can carry things half his weight. He can cut with scissors, carry a huge armful of laundry down the stairs. He picks out his own clothes most days and dresses himself. Jaxson has been putting on his own shoes for 6 months now and gets the right foot almost everytime. He can swing on a big swing with one arm like it's no big deal.

There are a million other things that blow me away everyday but the thing that amazes me most is he folds clothes like a proffesional. I have never once shown him how to fold clothes but he just comes and does it while I'm working on it. Jaxson folds clothes way better than I do and everything is folded perfectly even. I wanted to get a picture this morning of it but the camera wasn't close and he would have been gone by the time I got back.

Let me just say that this boy can do what it would take me 3-4 arms to do and he does it with one. Funny how he is considered "special needs".


Transformed said...

Oh, so sweet! May the Lord bless you as His vessel.

Tony and Rett said...

Well, special needs fits him...he IS special, and you NEED him!

christina said...

Not only is he handy around the house, super capable, but he is ADORABLE!! Can't wait to see how God uses this little man! :)

Joyful Mom said...

What a precious little one the Father has blessed you with. Special in sooooo many ways :)

Jennifer T. said...

Hi! Just found out you're a follower of our blog, thanks. =)

You have a lovely family!! This is so neat about Jaxson. I would "love" to have a child like this in our homes someday. I'm sure he/she could teach us a ton!

Blessings from Bolivia,

Rhonda said...

How awesome! I understand how your little one impresses you! How blessed you are!!

where our love grows said...

And he has the BEST smile in the world!!! :) It shines up his whole face! Oh Sarah! He is just so meant to be your little boy! You are an amazing Mommy! I love how totally happy the kiddos look playing in the woods at your peaceful place!