Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our Peaceful Place

There is not a better way to describe the land God gave us than our peaceful place. For those of you who don't know a few years ago God blessed us with 10 acres of land. We drove by this land hundreds of times for a year praying over it and even the girls prayed asking God to let us buy this land. Chris just kept telling me the time wasn't right yet. Oh, I had such a hard time being patient because it was just what we wanted. Chris finally decided to lay out a fleece to God asking if we were to buy the land and several weeks later God answered that fleece in a very clear way.
When we finally got the land (this was before Jaxson was even thought about) I walked the land and prayed that God would use the land to provide a safe place for orphans. We had a friend of ours that is a pastor walk and pray over the land and he said he felt such a peace on the land. Our friend also said he had a strong feeling God had a important ministry planned for that land. I had never told our friend how I prayed God would use our land.Then God showed us he had this amazing little boy waiting for us in China. The wild thing is that the only way we met the requirements to adopt Jaxson was because of this land.

Anyway we have not been able to go out to out land since fall because we don't have a 4 wheel drive to get through it in the winter. This morning Jaxson, Paige and I were VERY grumpy. It was a really bad night with both of them and I got about 10 minutes of sleep at a time all night which makes for grumpy kids and grumpy momma. I'm used to being woke up several times during the night but getting 10 minutes of sleep at a time is not good for anyone. I think it would have been better to not have had any sleep.
Finally this morning we were able to go out to the land and burn some trash and clean up some brush and PLAY. As soon as we stepped out of our car all of our attitudes changed right away. I can't even explain it other than when we step onto this land we have an amazing feeling of peace and calmness. I have gone there several times when I'm stressed out or in a bad mood and when I walk the land I can't help but to just relax and thank God for the amazing gift he has given us.
The kids had so much fun playing, picking up sticks, running around and finding all kinds of little treasures like sticks and rocks.
We can't wait for the day that God let's us build our home there. We hope to have a hobby farm and to bring home more kiddos and give them a safe place to live and a family that loves them dearly. I also pray that we can have a screened in porch so I can sit in it in the morning, drink my coffee and hear all the sounds of the creatures God created ( I don't want to hear any mice though).
I can't wait to go back very soon.


Joyful Mom said...

Golly, what stunning land the father has blessed you with. Oh how He LOVES to give us the desires of our hearts--you WILL have your home (filled to overflowing with children) there someday. I cannot wait to see how things unfold.

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics, friend.

chicknboy said...

that DOES look like such a peaceful place. what a blessing to have 10 acres!!! cannot wait to see how God uses it for His glory. :)

praying you get LOTS more sleep tonight :)

Tony and Rett said...

Oh, it's gonna be big! Can you imagine God doing it any other way? It's gonna be big, my friend...with LOTS of kids and grandkids and mice and more kids! Heheheh You're so blessed!

blessedmomto7 said...

Beautiful place. How awesome is that.

Goins Gang said...

Wow! How wonderful that God has given you that land! and what a great time in your life that you can look back on and see how God lead you and provided for you!
We love you guys and can't wait to see how God will use you and the land He has provided!