Sunday, March 29, 2009

We Have a New Baby!!!

First of all though Amaya got her ears pierced today. Amaya has been begging me forever now and I was going to take her on Friday and on the way she puked all over the car. So we had to put it off until today but she is so excited.
OK, here he is our new baby boy Snickers. Isn't he the cutest thing ever? We have been looking into getting a puppy for awhile and the kids finally decided they would rather have a puppy than a nice wooden swing set. I researched and researched to find a good family dog and we decided on a Cavalier. We planned on getting a girl so we could breed her but I called someone that had an ad for one and he only had one very lonely boy left. He felt so bad for this little boy being all alone that he made us a very good deal on him that we couldn't resist.

This puppy is just precious and so far is even going potty outside. He is 14 weeks old but very little. He doesn't mind the kids holding him at all and he only wimpers when I have to take him out in the cold.

So this little boy will be a stud man for us someday. Can you imagine your only job in life is to learn how to pee outside and be a stud? Wouldn't every man love little Snickers job?


Tony and Rett said...

Awwww..he's just SO cute!!! It's what every family needs...a puppy!

Will he sleep in a crate or on your bed? heheh :)

And cute name too!!!

Joyful Mom said...

He is absolutely adorable. We have a Cavalier--he is a complete lap dog! Loves the kids, is gentle and just precious. He would sit on someone's lap all day long, if he had the chance:)

The earrings are wonderful for you big girl.

Mom Of Many said...

Your new baby is adorable!!! Snickers looks like he is already annoyed that you are snapping pictures for your blog...oh Snickers - brace yourself - you are about to be the bloggy puppy....

He is just too, too adorable!!xo

christina said...

Amaya looks so grown up...can't believe she is the same little baby I held. :) Snickers is so adorable! My older boys have been begging for a dog for months now. I keep saying, "When everyone in the family is potty-trained, I 'll entertain the conversation." :) We do really want a dog...just not right now. So, now we can watch your little puppy grow until we get our own! :) Thanks!

where our love grows said...

Oh wow! Amaya looks just so sweet with her new earrings! She is so brave too! :) And Snickers!!! What can I say....CUTIE PATOOTIE!!! Totally want to just scoop him up and squeeze him! :) He is adorable! Congratulations on your new baby!!! :)

Goins Gang said...

Wow! Can you pick 'em or what!
What a cutie!!!!
I'm impressed with your potty training skills!
Way to go!!!!
He does seem like a perfect fit for your family!