Monday, June 1, 2009


OK friends, I'm giving you one more day to come up with a name for our puppy before we pick a winner for the giveaway.

You guys are awesome and have given us some very good choices to choose from. I can't wait to announce a winner because this is just so much fun. So get busy and leave me a comment with your ideas.

I have no idea what I'm giving away yet so if you are a guy you will get a guy gift, if your a woman you will get a girly gift and if you are a kid you will get a kid gift.

Make sure you check back to see if your the winner.


Mom Of Many said...

Okay, I am ready to submit my popped in my head...
I love "M" names (weird, I don't think I have any for my kids - I will have to work on that!)...but I love the name for a girl puppy:
Millie or Millie Mae or Minnie or Minnie Mae

Those are my best submissions.
She is adorable and if I let Emmy see her she's gonna' want one.

I call my kids two names I say, "Elijah Muller" all the time and I call Elizabeth "Lizzie Lu" (although her middle name is Mercy, I know, I'm weird)...So that's why I would call her something like Minnie Mae...I call our Nelly (the dog) Nelly Belly all the time...oh well...can't wait to hear what her name is... xo

Goins Gang said...

Our vote is for "Ginger"!

Dave & Stacy Brown said...

I like Twix.

Maybe she is Peaches.

I also like Shelby.

Maybe she is a celebrity and she should be Apple or Saurie. LOL

You could name her Doodle and have Snickers and Doodle.

Nick says Molly, and he didn't know I already did.

Taylor says Lilly.

Let's see.... Jewel, Star, Tiffy, Gabby, or Ariel.

Holly said...

okay, I am thinking about dog names way too much!
I have another suggestion:
Reece (which can be a girl or boy name...hello reese witherspo*n!)but not after honor of Reece's Rainbow...which is a newfound passion of mine!
Little Reecie :)
I LOVE what Reece's Rainbow does!!
Sorry but I guess it IS a candy name...your little Reece cup pup!!
Okay. I really am going to stop submitting ideas now. Really.

Jaime said...

I'm going with Charisma... it's the Greek word for "gift" (or so says the world wide web). and if you feel weird yelling "Charisma, come!" maybe you could call her Caris (like care - is)

happy birthday, by the way!

chicknboy said...

ok-my first thought was 'Ginger' cuz her coloring is very similar to our bunny, whom we named "Ginger". But I LOVE Linny's suggestion of Millie or Millie Mae. She DOES look alot like a Millie. :) that's just my 2 cents though-not worth much! :)