Monday, June 15, 2009

What Would Happen

This question has been going through my mind all week. What would happen if every Christian would say "YES" to God instead of making a list of reasons to say no. What would happen if I said "YES" everytime God asked? What if we set fear aside and chose to walk, talk and breathe Christ. I'm not talking about adoption, I'm talking about anything God asks of you.

I saw this video today and it really shows what can happen when just 1 person says "YES" to God.

Is something holding you back from saying "YES"?


Mom Of Many said...

I'm with you girlfriend...let's say "yes" everytime and fill our homes to the brim...that ol' woman in the shoe has nothing on us...xo

Seriously, if every Christian had said "yes" the orphanages would be empty...and heaven would be brimming with the mansions being built for all the ones who had accepted Christ from living in Christian families...just imagine!

Joyful mom said...

Phew--that sure is challenging! I long, with all my heart, to say YES whenever I hear that still, small voice beckoning me to do something. I LONG for it.