Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Aprons For Africa and Etsy Finds

First off I want to talk a little about Aprons For Africa. Because of the Feed The Forgotten challenge I learned about a program called Aprons For Africa (thanks Brandi for leaving it in my comments). Brandi's mother-in-law makes the prettiest aprons to raise money for orphans in Africa. Please go check out the blog at This would make a great Christmas or Birthday present for a little girl or any woman, plus you get to help some of God's beautiful children while buying a gift for someone else.

OK now about my Etsy finds. Since posting about Etsy the other day I have been going crazy looking through Etsy. Honestly I feel like I have been missing out on some incredible art and talent shopping at the big chain stores all the time. I am not a shopper so I go get what I need and that's all. I have even had Chris look at some of the stuff and he couldn't believe how cool some of the things were.

So this is some of the really cool things I have found:

My very, very favorite find was this art studio called JMJStudio (you can do a search for it on Etsy). I am not an art person but I fell in love with these beautiful pieces of art and I have to have one someday (I wish I could have all of them). I am never one to ask for anything that's not practical but I told Chris last night I want one of these. The coolest thing about it is when I went to pull it up a little bit ago to get the info to put on here I saw one painting that really caught my eye because it was so beautiful. I decided to read about it and guess what? The painting is a BRAILLE painting that says love in braille. So you need to go check these amazing paintings out.

I Spy games is my second coolest find. These things are AWESOME and would make a great game for kids to do in the car. Just do a search for them because there are tons of choices on Etsy for them.

JBows Boutique has some beautiful, beautiful hair bows for little girls.

One other cool find was reusable sandwich bags and snack bags that you can just throw in the washer.

I can't wait to start my Christmas shopping now!

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Mom Of Many said...

I have never even been on the Etsy site..but you are definitely making me a tad curious....especially with the aprons from Africa...I will have to peak! xo