Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's A Girl!

Check out my birthday present, oh she is so sweet. Today is my birthday and to those of you that said I was as cute as Paige you are true friends and I thank you.

As many of you know we got our little boy puppy a couple months ago with plans to spoil him but also use him to be a stud man for a little girl or 2 someday. Well we have already had several people saying they want puppies when we have them but we had a problem because we didn't have a girl.

We have been on the search for a girl but let me tell you that finding a girl was not an easy task. Yesterday I thought I had finally found my girl and then at the last minute God showed us this precious little beauty just minutes before someone else was coming to look at her.

We can't bring her home yet because she is still too little but it will only be a couple more weeks.

I need your help though! We need a name for her so we need ideas. I have never done a blog giveaway before but this seems like the perfect time to do it. If we use a name you give us I will find something special for you so please give us your ideas. Chris said since our boys name is Snickers he doesn't want anymore candy bar names.

PS Anybody want a puppy in like a year or so???


Mark & Melanie said...

Definitely put us on the waiting list!! It will be perfect timing - I'll be finished with school and home more. I've told Mark this will be his birthday present next year - he's excited about this.

Oh - btw and more importantly - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Dave & Stacy Brown said...

I think she looks like a Molly or a Maggie. Maybe a Suzy or Sally though.

Dave & Stacy Brown said...

I think she looks like a Molly or Maggie. Maybe a Suzy or Sally. Or maybe Belle or Bella. Good luck.

Dave & Stacy Brown said...

Maybe Mollie or Maggie. Sally or
Suzy. Or even Belle or Bella. Good luck.

Holly said...

Well I am weird. I am not a huge fan of naming pets people never know when you might meet a new friend whose daughter has the same name as your DOG...awkward ;)
How about...
Pumpkin (or as we say in the South...Punkin)
Fiona (from Shrek...not a real popular people name so should be safe :) )
Padme (from Star Wars)
Amadala (also from Star Wars)
(can you tell my kids are helping?)
Penelope (I know I am breaking my own rules, but again, this isn't a name you hear very often)
Terra (as in terra cotta...sort of the color of some of her patches)
Paisley (as in Brad Paisley...our fav. country singer)
my hubby says Jello. Say it with your last name. He thinks it's great. Okay, we have to go to Lowe's to get more stuff to hang doors. Oh the joy.
Have fun searching....what a neat birthday gift :)

Mom Of Many said...


I love the story behind her. Such a God-thing and that husband of yours - I am so proud of him - how God is using him as the spiritual leader of your home!! And way to let him lead!! Yippee Jesus!!

Okay, going to pray about the name...LOL...cause i want to win (did I ever mention how competitive I am?) xo

Dave & Stacy Brown said...

Sorry about 3 posts... It didn't look like it posted.

christina said...

Happy Birthday to you, sweet friend! I am going to have to consider this "naming contest" a little more before I submit my winning answer! :)

Joyful Mom said...

Happy Birthday, sweet friend. I hope you had a stunning day. You new addition is absolutely precious.

I am horrible at naming anything at all--if I think of anything that suits her I'll let you know.

Many blessings for the year ahead. May the Father bless you with very desire of your heart (including the sale of your house).

Tony and Rett said...

NO candy bar names? COME ON! I'm way offended! Ruth (as in Baby Ruth) and Butterfinger is just TOO cute!

*sigh* well, there is always Spot. Or Princess. Or Lassie. BOOORING!

Lucky for her, she's TOO cute!

Holly said...

Josiah thinks you should name her know like Ni Hao Kai Lan?

Judy Coe said...

Definitely Sadie. She really looks like a Sadie.