Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Want To Know The Secret???

Well it's not a baby and we didn't win the lottery but we have been blessed by God. Chris is starting a new job on Monday that he is very excited about and it means no more working on Saturday's!

As an auto technician he has always had to work a couple Saturday a month. It was getting very hard for the kids to see their daddy leave on Saturday's. This new job is working for someone that doesn't like working Saturday's himself so they just aren't open on Saturday's.

This job is also not a job he applied for but one that the guy called us saying he needed Chris.

I have to tell you after my post about not selling the house yet and asking for prayer we got a call about the house yesterday. Even if nothing comes from it we needed the encouragement of the phone call. So if you prayed yesterday for the sale of our house, THANK YOU and please keep praying.


Mom Of Many said...

I am so excited for Chris!! Yippee Jesus!! What a fun SURPRISE from the Lord - the man called YOU. That is just awesome.

Actually, I do have some thoughts on the house...but will email you separately. And yes, I am praying for that too. xo

chicknboy said...

So excited for Chris' new job. God is going to honor your steps of faith my friend!

Tony and Rett said...


God is GOOD!!!

Mark & Melanie said...


christina said...

I'm super excited for Chris - what an affirmation to be called for a job! :) I am even more excited for your entire family - now that Chris isn't working on Saturday's, you have more opportunities to come visit me in Kentucky! :)

Joyful Mom said...

I have missed you so much :)

That is such amazing news about your hubby's new job. I love how God knows our needs before we even do!

I know you are longing to move Trusting with you, friend.

Goins Gang said...

Wow! Am I behind or what!?
How exciting for all of you!
We will keep praying for God to give you direction!! Isaiah 30:21