Monday, May 11, 2009

3 Things About Me

A friend just forwarded a 3 Things About Me email. I was going to send it back to her but I thought it would be fun to do it on the blog and maybe some of my readers would leave me a comment with 3 Things About Them. So even all you lurkers out there can let me know a little about you.

3 Things About Me

The jobs I have had - Direct Care Assistant for severely handicapped children (my favorite job ever!), Chiropractic Assistant (I loved this job too until I went crazy on those stupid fertility drugs that didn't work for me anyway) and my first job was a noodle maker (my mom owns a noodle business).

Three places I have lived - Indiana, Ohio and another place in Indiana

Three shows I watch - Bones, CSI and So You Think You Can Dance (so excited this is getting ready to start again).

Three places I have been - China, Cancun, Canada

Three places I would rather be right now - Somewhere loving on some babies and children that are orphans, living out on our land, at a romantic cabin with my hubby (did you know I'm crazy about my hubby?).

Three Favorite Foods - Fajitas, Pizza and Steak with mushrooms and onions.

Things I am looking forward to this year - Hopefully selling our house, getting a girl puppy and hopefully meeting my friend Linny.

OK your turn, answer a couple or all by leaving me a comment. Please leave me a comment!


Jaime said...

you're so funny! "please leave me a comment". here's your comment. i'm going to steal this and make it my blog entry for today.

Goins Gang said...

It's fun reading those things about you! We think your hubby found himself a pretty good catch too!

Mom Of Many said...

I am catching up on my fav here goes:

Jobs: kitchen in a nursing home; secretary/bookkeeper to put hubby thru law school; co-pastor

Places I've lived: NY, NC, VA, CO

3 shows: Home Extreme Makeover; 48 hours mystery; Forensic Files (Dw thinks I'm a sicko)

Where I've Been: Uganda; Orphanage in Mexico (lots of times); China

Where I'd Rather Be: in Kampala, Uganda; on vacation with my family in NY visiting my cousins; antique store hunting for a Memorial Box to give away

3 fav foods: Mexican; Spaghetti; More Mexican!!

3 things looking forward to: RV Trip; Speaking in Indiana (and no I am not sucking up); going to China to bring home our sweet baby girl Jubilee...

There ya' go!! xo