Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Can't Sleep

It is 1:49 AM and I can't sleep. Do you ever get something on your mind and then your just up thinking about it all night? Chris and I have a big change happening in our lives this next week that we can't talk about yet because it's a secret (no it's not a baby).

Anyway this change got us talking about the hobby farm we want to have someday. We can't wait to get out on our land and start playing farmers. Neither of us know anything about being a farmer at all so we figure surely we could figure out how to just be a hobby farmer and make ourselves think we are farmers.

Then it got me thinking about how I really wish we could sell our house. We have a nice house for our town, we live in a town of all old houses. Do you know how low interest rates are right now? Oh if we could just build at those interest rates. So if your reading this pray that our house sells soon.

Then I got thinking about getting another puppy. Yes, we are in puppy love and we want a girl now. We are having a HUGE yard sale next week and Chris gave me a certain dollar amount that if we make our goal I get a girl puppy. So then I was thinking about puppies that we could have next year since we would have a boy and a girl. I have dreamed of being a midwife and this is probably as close as I will get.

Not to mention wondering how God will grow our family someday.

OK, I know this is all totally random but this is why I can't sleep tonight.


Mom Of Many said...

Guess why I'm commenting at 4:15 my time? Yup, cause I can't sleep. Things on my mind. I was just praying, "He will keep me in perfect peace because my heart and mind is stayed on you." Is. 26:3..

Okay, now this curious mind wants to know what's going on??? Come on girlfriend, do tell. Or I will lay awake TOMORROW night wondering what it is... -) xo

Oh my golly: guess what the word identification is? wrest

That must be from the Lord....how crazy is that??

Tony and Rett said...

Oh my...farms, and houses, and puppies, oh my!

I, my friends, slept last night.

IzzyBeth said...

We want to get a girl puppy too. ;-)