Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Oh.......I was so excited to walk in the cell phone store today because we planned on walking out with something like this.

We had a good reason to get one with Chris' new shop. We are still living in the dark ages without even having text and finally, finally we were going to get texting and Chris could do a lot with this phone since he is in a temporary location for now.

I walked in the store with Chris sure we were going to walk out with one of these until............


I'm sure this is what I looked like.

I said out loud before I could stop myself "how in the world does everyone I know have one of these."

Needless to say we didn't walk out of the store with one. Sometimes it's hard to pray what is at the top of my blog "Lord, break our hearts with the things that break yours."

Today though when I saw those prices this is what kept going through my head.

Today God broke my heart for what breaks his.

So for all you who know me in person I will still be living in the dark ages for a very long time with no texting so if you want to talk to me you can call the old fashioned way.

PS I'm not writing this to offend anyone who has a phone like this I'm just in shock of how spoiled our country is.


Holly said...

I have a fancy nancy phone with a touch screen...had it about 3 weeks I guess...still don't know how to really use it yet and it was FREE. Free...free..free..with Sprint every so often you get to upgrade your phone free of charge. We did it online and didn't even pay shipping. Just saying...you might want to check different companies! Love your heart. I totally understand! My fanciest phone ever was won in an adoption auction from Elisabeth and then I gave it to Adeye to auction off on her Ebay auction for the girls. :)

Julia said...

I'm with you!! We are in the dark ages as far as phones go... same reason!! We survive with the bare minimum.

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

AMEN! You are so precious Sarah!

Thank you for being honest and transparent as God molds your heart to His!


Adeye said...

I am soooooo with you, friend. I could not care less about stuff like that.

LOVE your precious heart.

Amy Murphy said...

I'm going to have to agree with you here. It sickens me at times when I see the extravagance that we are basically expected to have here in America. (And, yes, even with a recession going on!) We are a self-indulgent culture! It's disgusting. I try to stay out of it, but it's so hard; I fall into it time and time again.

christina said...

This is the very reason we don't own a fancy phone...our very old clamshell style phone works great, thank you very much. :) I love that as God grows our hearts - the things of this earth hold less value and we cherish what has eternal value. I love your precious heart, friend.

Freedom Hollow Farmgirl said...

I have been praying the same thing, "Lord, break my heart for the things that break yours" and I am so with you and I get it!

I look around my home and think, "We are so spoiled! And we feel so entitled to have all these nice things. Is it really necessary, do we really need a bigger TV, do we really need another...?"

I get it!

My husband and have just started our adoption journey. We submitted our application to our agency yesterday. Would you pray for us as we step out in faith and follow where God is leading us?

Blessings to you and your family!


Stacy said...

I feel a little guilty after reading this. Since I am married to a tech aholic, my phone is fairly, as you would say, fancy. I actually prayed this week that God would guard said phone b/c it basically contains my brain. My entire calender is on there. It even dings to remind me of such appts. As the calendar becomes more and more full, I really need those dings. I totally think it is OK to live without such phones if you are able. I'm sure I could live without it, I am just spoiled -- very spoiled. But even spoiled, I am thankful God has created such things to help me function at the speed of life.