Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Do you ever have those moments? You know the ones when your watching an infomercial and you think "why didn't I think of that." Last night I got on Facebook late because a friends son had been taken to the hospital and I was checking on updates. I noticed one of my new Facebook friends (who is an adoption advocate) put a link for a foundation on. I clicked on the link not thinking much about it because truly as someone that advocates for adoption everyday I have seen thousands of sites. What I read on this site kept me up the entire night.

I truly believe God has given the creators of this foundation the keys in the fight against abortion. How many of you are pro-life? How many of your churches are pro-life? What are our churches doing about it? The Zoe Foundation was set up to be a tool for churches in the fight against abortion but in a way I have never seen before.

What if our churches started praying every Sunday for the lives of these babies? What if our churches started praying for hearts to be opened to adoption EVERY SUNDAY? What if the body of Christ came together to make a HUGE change in fight against abortion.

PLEASE, PLEASE go spend some time reading through this site yourself but here is a little of how The Zoe Foundation Works from what I have read.

Christians coming together to pray.

A database set of thousands of Christians from all over the country willing to not only be pro-life but to be willing to adopt one of these babies saved from abortion. A database that counselors, Dr.s or whoever else could show someone considering abortion that there are thousands of families ready to say yes whether it be a healthy child, hiv baby, limb diffference baby, bi-racial baby or maybe even a baby that God chooses to be on the earth for a very short time.

To have churches support birth mothers that choose life by loving on them, getting them gift cards to buy things they need, providing a home for them and the pre-natal care they need.

Getting Dr.'s, social workers, adoption agencies to be willing to help a certain number of clients each month that are adopting for NO CHARGE. What an awesome way to use the gifts God has given you. If you fit in to one of these categories they are looking for people like you so contact them!

Getting Christians to help others adopting fundraise to help with adoption expenses. This could be teachers that tutor once a week and donate the money to someone adopting. Someone that makes crafts selling them to help someone bring home one of these babies that have been saved. Someone that is an artist to use their gifts to help fundraise. Maybe someone that is a good cook offering to make hot dinners for working families once a week in exchange for donations to an adopting family.

Let's not forget about kids too. What if we started teaching our kids to fight against abortion by loving others? Let the kids get out and have lemonade stands, car washes, art auctions or mow lawns to help save the life of a baby by supporting an adopting family.

God gave each one of us different gifts and what if thousands of people came together to use those gifts to fight abortion, love on birth mothers and help adopting families get these babies into loving homes.

Please click here to go read about this foundation. Pray about getting your church involved in this foundation. Watch the video below.

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