Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Child of the Week - In Honor of Tressel

In honor of Baby Tressel I thought I would pick a child of the week for this week that needs a mommy and daddy that will help him get help to fix his little heart.

Joshua (19)

Boy, Born April 8, 2007

Joshua is a sweet 3 year old who was born with an ASD (atrial septal defect). As a result he does have pulmonary hypertension, and he needs a family quickly to get the medical care and surgery he needs to correct this before it is too late. Joshua is tiny and is kept from doing many things because they do not want him to exert himself. Joshua has so much potential in life, and I can't wait to see him running and climbing with the rest of his friends!

Joshua has a large grant of $4775 to help with adoption expenses.

Please pray for him.

Spread the word about him. The more his face gets around the better the chance of him finding a family.

If you are able, help donate to his grant fund because he needs a family fast.

Click here and scroll down to find out more about him.

Also please keep Emilie and Scott in your prayers over the next couple of days because tonight is visitation and then tomorrow is Tressel's funeral. Since the funeral is a long way from where they live they are also having a Celebration of life for Tressel on Sunday. They are collecting books to donate in Tressel's name to Cincinnati Children's Hospital so if you would like to donate a book or a few books leave me your email and I can tell you where to send them.

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Laurie said...

Joshua's a sweet looking little man. Praying for him.

I love the new stuff you have made with the help of Jill and Holly. You and Jill with the talent and Holly with her words.

Blessings to you all,