Sunday, August 29, 2010

Can You Guess What She's Dreaming of Tonight?

We have one very excited little girl!

Amaya's top tooth has been loose for MONTHS and it has been driving her crazy that it wouldn't come out. Last night we watched a movie about a tooth fairy and she was determined that this tooth was going to come out. Amaya took her fairy house outside last night just in case but nothing happened last night. Tonight she told me she was not going to bed until it came out so she told me to pull it. I turned on a Veggie Tale video for her to watch while I was pulling it and the tooth came out before the video even started.

Since I have a lot of friends reading this that are teachers out there I have something to tell you. The one thing that Amaya gets even more excited about than the tooth fairy is telling her teacher about it the next day. I don't know about other kids but how special is it that in the eyes of at least this child it is more exciting to think about telling her teacher than it is even for the tooth fairy to come.


Tony and Rett said...

WOW, I JUST saw her and that tooth was still there!

Way to go girl!

Adeye said...

What a sweet darling little girl you have, friend.