Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Child Of The Week

Can I be honest? I almost didn't post this today. Our lives are so crazy right now with what God has asked of Chris and I these last couple of months that I haven't found that balance yet of running a full time business, helping my husband start his business, being a mom to 3 little monkeys and well honestly it's been awhile since our house has had a good cleaning and it's in desperate need of it (that will happen today though).

It's easy for me to just tell God that I'm too busy to advocate for these children right now but the this is what God told me:

What happens if you were too busy to advocate that this child doesn't find her family?

If we don't have time to do what God calls us too how many people does it affect, not just one?

What if someone else that had been busy hadn't taken the time to post Jaxson's waiting picture on the web?

So I'm am taking the time and introducing you to a beautiful little girl named Mirabel. Will you help me spread the word about this beautiful baby that needs a forever family?

Mirabel (31)

Girl, Born August 28, 2008

Miss Mirabel is also a real cutie! From her medical records: congenital malformation of the central nervous system, cerebral hernia, hydrocephaly subcompensated, flail legs.

To find out more about this precious child and many other precious children please click here and scroll down the page until you find her.


1 comment:

Adeye said...

Oh my goodness, friend, could she be any cuter than that??????

Trusting that she finds her way home really soon.