Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to School and First Day for Paigie

Well, today we sent out 2nd miracle baby off to kindergarten. Oh...I tried to talk her into staying home one more year with momma but she just wouldn't have it. Paige was so excited this morning we couldn't get to school fast enough.

The girls were so excited that they got to go together this year and they even wore matching shirts today.

Paige was very excited to find her seat in class and start doing puzzles. The little stinker couldn't get us out of there fast enough. I'm so glad though that she is excited and not crying or it would have made my day harder.

Amaya is a big first grader this year and we are sooooo blessed that her teacher is a very nice, christian woman who we go to church with. Amaya was so excited to have this woman as a teacher.
Amaya also thinks it is the greatest thing ever to actually have a desk this year. Let's hope she gets as excited about the work that comes with having a desk.

So for a couple of weeks it's just Jaxson and I until he starts school and then it will be very, very quite during the days.

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jeanette said...

oh they are so cute in the pic of them together!!