Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What An Amazing Thing To Watch

OK, I'm sure the tears are going to be rolling as I write this but I had no idea. I had no idea what an amazing experience it is to watch you child on a mission to serve God.

This is day 3 of Amaya's Shoebox Project and she has now sold 33 ornaments! When Amaya works on an ornament she is soooooo careful about where she puts every bead. Amaya prays as she is making them asking God to let her meet her goal of 100. Amaya looks at every single one and says "Momma who do you think this one will go to". Amaya is even writing a special thank you note to everyone that buys an ornament. As soon as she wakes up in the morning, gets home from school, goes to bed, she goes running to count the list to see how many she has sold.
With each one sold she thinks about what she will buy to fill a shoebox with.

I have learned sooooo much about Amaya during these 3 days. I now understand why she has a hard time making a list for Christmas or her birthday. I know why "things" just don't matter to her like other kids (including my other 2). Amaya's passion is others and not herself. Amaya's gift is giving. I have never, ever seen her so excited about anything.

I am so thankful God gave us such an amazing miracle child!

PS If you don't know about Amaya's project she is selling Christmas ornaments to raise money to fill shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. The ornaments are $5.00 each plus $1.50 for shipping if your not local so for a donation of $6.50 (you can use the chip-in above or buy through my Etsy shop link on the sidebar) you get to help this precious 6 year old with her first mission for God.


Talley Images said...

I love her heart - its so beautiful - Im ordering one now!

christina said...

LOVE THIS! Still praying that she will be my daughter-in-law one day! :)

Stacy said...

Hey Sarah!!! This is just so cool. Could you ask Amaya if I could get 4 ornaments. Thanks. Just let me know.

Shonni said...

What a precious idea for her to do. And what a tender heart she has!!!

Shelly said...

Praise God for our children who teach us more about His love than any adult could! :) This is awesome! I will order one and support what God is doing in her little heart! Bless her calling!

Julia said...

I put Amaya on my blog today. I hope you don't mind. Her thank you card ripped my heart out! I just had to say something. Not sure if it will generate sales for her to reach her goal... I get about 1,000 hits on our blog every day so you may get some orders... LOL! I would love to hear an update - covenantb@yahoo.com - Tell Amaya that I am praying for her!