Friday, October 15, 2010

Feeling Soooo Blessed Today!

We have had a week that only God could have orchestrated. I am a strong believer of sharing ways God blesses you to give all glory to God. I honestly don't even know if anyone still reads my blog since I don't hardly get any comments anymore (hint, hint) but I need to write this out so that I remember all that has happened this week.

First of all a couple of weeks ago out of the blue God sold Chris' truck without him even trying to sell it. Chris has become a true used car salesman (other than the dis-honesty part) and if someone wants to buy something he has he sells it (I won't let him have the keys to my car). We have been looking and looking for a broken vehicle to replace his vehicle but we just hadn't found the right car. We usually have no problem at all finding them. This week Chris had a very expensive piece of equipment break at the shop that had to be replaced that day and do you know it cost just about the same amount Chris had sold the truck for. God knew 2 weeks ago we would need that money. Yes, Chris is riding a bike to work but we have the piece of equipment we needed.

In the last week for the first time ever I was faced with being challenged with God's heart for adoption. I can't even tell you how many times people have asked me about it but never have I been challenged over it until this week. God has given me what I needed to fight that challenge. The hard thing is God has given me even more of a reason to fight for these children this week. It has been emotionally draining but it is tools I need to fight for the orphan.

OK this part is one of those get real parts that some people would think I shouldn't put on a public blog but I want to be real because I know I can't be the only one out there that feels like this. We have needed furniture for a very long time but I am not a believer of putting furniture on a credit card and furniture is just very expensive. It is so bad that over the last 2 months I have cried, cried and well cried because I was embarressed to have people over to our house. I will be honest and say that one day someone said they might drop by that hadn't seen us in a long time and I ran to my room, cried, curled up under the covers and cried. Chris came and got under the covers with me (I love that man) and held me. Chris ask why I was under the covers and I told him I couldn't see the furniture under the covers.

I don't want you to think we are needy because God has given us everything we need and we are totally blessed but we just hadn't had the $2,000 to buy new livingroom furniture because it all needed replaced not just one piece.

One day I walked outside crying out to God and I talked to him about how it was so very, very hard for me to even think about buying furniture because I would much rather use that money to feed hungry children, help adopting families bring kiddos homes, get Chris things he needs for his shop and things like that but it was time I gave it over to God because it was to the point I didn't want people in my home because I was so embarrassed.

I went out furniture shopping trusting that God was going to provide the money I needed. I was sooooo close to putting a set on layaway and Chris told me to just wait until I had all the money. God provided the money I needed for the set of furniture I had picked out but something stopped me from buying it. This is was stopped me:


OK God, you have given me the money but how can I spend this much money on furniture. Out of the total blue I found a furniture store online that sells furniture that has been in model homes, short term executive suites or movie sets. Mom and I went to the store the other day and I was able to get an entire livingroom set for 1/3 of what I was going to pay and it looks almost brand new. See.....God even cares about the little things.

On top of all this God has blessed us with the most amazing church and the most amazing Bible study group. We started a new church a few months ago that was just a few blocks from our home. We weren't looking for a new church it just happened. This church is truly one of God's hidden treasures.

PS I will post pictures of the new furniture as soon as I get it :)


jeanette said...

I still read your blog and I still LOVE hearing how God is working mightily in your lives!! praising God for the week He gave you!

Talley Images said...

wow, what a great deal on the furniture, I cant wait to see it!

Amy Murphy said...

That is so awesome how God worked on "the little things" in your life. (And I know what you mean about the no comments.) :)

christina said...

I am always humbled by the way God uses the "small" things in my life to remind me that I matter to Him and He cares about every detail of my life. I often find myself in the same difficult spot...every financial decision is a spiritual decision. Sounds like you found a God-honoring way to make your home a "haven" for your friends and family (and keep you from crying under the covers...that made me so sad!)and spend money wisely! HOORAY for you! Can't wait to hear more about this place - we need some bunk beds. :) I love you!

Goins Gang said...

God does care about the little things in our lives. Thanks for reminding us of that fact!

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

Love the stories of God's faithfulness and provision! We serve an awesome God!

Jlane said...

Sarah I was truly blessed by reading your story of faith, and obedience. I am struggling right now with faith and obedience and your blog brought my spirts up. Thank you!

Kelly said...

I love how your heart, and your relationship with God works. My husband is not yet open to adoption because of finances, but my heart craves it. Since I can't do it at the moment, I support others in small ways. I pray for the day I can bring a little one home to join our other children.