Friday, October 29, 2010

Letter's To Amaya

I cannot even begin to thank you guys enough. We have received sooooo many amazing comments, letters, donations over the amount of the $5 and with each one it brings tears in my eyes and amazing joy to a precious 6 year old child. When I read each one I sit wondering if the person who wrote the note has any idea how much they are encouraging a little girl to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Amaya has now sold 66!!! Please keep spreading the word because she still has 34 more to sell to reach her goal of 100 and only 9 days left to sell them.

Last night Amaya was supposed to be in bed and the little math whiz that she is had ask her daddy how many minutes it was until she woke up in the morning. Amaya came downstairs crying because 450 minutes seemed like a lifetime to her and she couldn't believe we would make her stay in bed that long. I just happened to be checking my email as she came down the steps in tears and I saw a letter to Amaya. I told her to come on over and let's read the letter together and below is the letter we found that had one little 6 year old making BIG plans for the future (I did ask permission to share this letter).

Dear Amaya,

My name is Kathy Schriefer (maybe Mrs. Schriefer to you) and I live in Erie, PA. I want to tell you that I am praying that God will help you to pack more shoeboxes than you could ever imagine.

Back in 1998 I read about a girl who packed 200 Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes and that seemed like an impossible goal. But I prayed about it and by 2000 God allowed me to pack 300 boxes and I was just amazed.

Well, every year God gave me a goal to pack more and the project just grew and grew. This year my whole community helped me pack boxes and we packed 12,670 of them in just 6 hours. You can see a video of it by clicking on this link

I was able to go to the Dominican Republic to help pass out shoeboxes in 2009 and I know so MANY kids are waiting to get a shoebox and hear about Jesus. So keep packing those boxes, Amaya, and keep trusting God to do bigger and bigger things for you. He will surprise and amaze you every day.

Praising God I got a chance to hear your story and share in your dream,
Mrs. Kathy Schriefer
Operation Christmas Child
Northwestern PA Area Coordinator

If you are new to my blog you can read how to help Amaya with her project here.

PS If you haven't received your ornament yet and you have ordered one it will be coming. We had sickness in our house this week and since Amaya is writing a special thank you to everyone it is taking a little time but you will get it. Thanks for being patient!


Julia said...

Yeah! I'm just praying away over here for the magic number!! I'm working on packing our three boxes. Maybe three sounds measly but THREE little boys are going to be so happy in a few weeks. God multiplies our gifts. Whether it is three or whether is is 20. Each one matters to Him! So I am happy to fill three and I am so happy you are filling so many more! Each one wrapped in love and prayers that God will touch hearts and lives in a BIG way!

Amy Murphy said...

What a precious daughter you have, and God WILL use her mightily one day!

Shelly said...

wow! happy tears for you both! there is nothing better, NOTHING!, than to see our children walking in the truth and God blessing their sweet steps! Praying that she will indeed experience an overflow in giving so that God can bless her little heart in all that she is doing for Him! :)

Kari C. said...

Sarah, I LOVE this! I bought mine tonight. It is so exciting to see our kids "get" it. Praying that Amaya is blessed through this project.