Thursday, October 28, 2010


OK, I know several of you are waiting for an update on Amaya's Shoebox project. As of last night she had sold 52 ornaments, over half way to her goal of 100!!! Thanks to a very special reader who blogged about Amaya here we have had several more orders just come in that I haven't had a chance to count yet.

Last weekend we took Amaya out so she could start making a few boxes since she was so excited and we had soooo much fun. Amaya truly thought out every little item she put in each box to make it extra special. Amaya was also very careful about how she spent the money because she knew that if she didn't spend a lot on each item she could fill more boxes.

We did not tell her what to buy, we did let her know things that were not allowed to go in the boxes, but she did amazing.

Amaya was able to fill 4 boxes that she took to church last weekend and she can't wait to fill some more.

The pastor was so excited for her on Sunday he let her get up on stage and tell the church about her project. If you are a pastor that supports children, THANK YOU!!!

Thank you so much to everyone that has bought an ornament, help spread the word, and an extra special thank you to those that have prayed.

Amaya still has a week and a half to make her goal of selling 100. If you haven't read about her project you can read about it here.



Julia said...

Precious... That is all I am going to say! Amaya - I'm rooting for you to get that 100!! You go girl!!

Lauren said...

What a wonderful little girl. I ordered an ornament and will hang it in a special place on our tree this year.