Sunday, October 17, 2010

Amaya's Shoebox Project

Our church asked me to be in charge of Operation Christmas Child this year. Little did they know I had already prayed about it wanting to do it but we have only been going to out church for a few months and I felt it was too soon to ask. The church didn't even know how much of a passion I have for Operation Christmas child.

Anyway as I was watching the video about it to have them play at church Amaya asked me if she could come up with a way to make money to fill some boxes.

I was one very, very excited momma when my 6 year old wanted to do something to make a difference.

So my precious 6 year old has come up with a way to raise some money. I'll let Amaya tell you about her project.

I am Amaya and I am 6 years old. I am selling ornaments to fill shoeboxes for kids that don't have a lot of stuff. The ornaments are made by me and they cost $5 plus $1.50 for shipping. I would like to try to sell 100 ornaments to fill shoeboxes.

Can you please help me make my goal?

Thank you!

As you can see Amaya's goal is to sell 100 (her first goal was $10,000) so we need help in getting the word out. Could you help us by blogging about this or sharing on Facebook?

The cost of a handmade by Amaya ornament is $6.50 which includes shipping (this includes international shipping too). To order you can use the chip-in (make sure you leave me your address) and make your donation to Amaya's Shoebox Project. I will also make these available in my Etsy shop. This is a 6 year old with a very big goal so please allow up to a few weeks before shipping so she has time to make them.

By purchasing an ornament you get to be part of Amaya's very first project at making a difference!


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