Saturday, February 6, 2010


My mom emailed me this picture this morning and I just had to share with you. Something a lot of you probably don't know is that my mom has a noodle business. Mom started this business a very long time ago to be able to send us kids to a Christian school. What started out at a farmers market is now a business that sells at stores like W*lmart and M*ijer.

Almost every Sunday mom makes lunch for all her kids and grandkids that can come. Mom had made her chicken noodles this day and this is what we caught Jaxson doing as we were trying to leave. Can you tell he like his grandma's noodles?

Something else you might not know is that I had a gift basket business for awhile when we were trying to get pregnant. It was sooooo much fun but I am not a salesman and it was a messy job so when I got pregnant I stopped the business. Sometimes though mom and I still put noodle gift baskets together for special things or for people that order them.

People from all over the country order mom's noodles because they are just the best noodles you can find as you can tell in the picture.

My brother-in-law set up a website for her here if you want to check it out. If you ever want her to ship some or make you a gift basket she can do that too. We are planning on putting one together soon to give away on my giveaway blog.

Wish I had a roast because this would be a perfect day for beef and noodles. Can't even get out of our driveway though to go get one.


Tony and Rett said...

I've gotta say...yes they ARE the best noodles. So comfy and cozy and heart warming.

You KNOW I'll be trying to win that basket!

Adeye said...

Ooohhh, that sounds so yummy. Love the cute pic.

Wow--you guys are being pounded by the snow. Keep warm :)

Shonni said...

How yummy they sound. And the picture is so funny.

Goins Gang said...

Your Mom's noodles ARE THE BEST!!!
What a great idea to have some as
one of your giveaways!!
We miss you all!!

Rhonda said...

Oh My, Jaxson looks so happy and oh how he has grown!! I actually logged on here the other day and ended up getting caught up in finding info. about Ian. Isn't he a doll! Glad you all are doing well!