Monday, February 1, 2010

Can You Tell?

Can you tell that they don't even care
that it is between 0 and 30 degrees
here throughout the day?

If you can't have summer outside then you have it inside.

Even our bathtub has become a swimming pool complete with bathing suites.

How I wish I could be a kid and not realize that it is COLD.

PS I don't let them sleep in these even though they want to.


Holly said...

Girl! You must keep it warmer at your house than I do! I am trying to save money with these vaulted ceilings and I am ALWAYS cold.
And you KNOW where I live!
Hooray for kids! :)

Adeye said...

Oh my goodness, I get cold just looking at them dressed like that :) My kids are exactly the same....they don't feel the cold AT ALL. I just don't get it.

christina said...

Love it!

Tony and Rett said...

Good idea! I think I'll dig out the swimsuits and let them "swim" this week!