Monday, February 22, 2010

Just Curious.......

Are we the only ones with a child that could go through a gallon jug of Shout a week? I mean really, 2 of our kids hardly ever need their clothes sprayed (and that would be the younger 2).

Amaya has to be the messiest child on the face of the earth. Oh I love her dearly but honestly I have to go through every piece of clothing she has and half of them are so bad they have to be soaked over night and the other half are covered in Shout. Sometimes it's so bad I have to soak and shout.

I sure do love my messsy child though!


Wendy said...

Hello my friends. I think if you have the little girl who is messy, then I have the little boy.

Tonight Kollin clean his plate, but right onto the table!!! We wonder why did we even give him a plate?

Mom Of Many said...

I have to confess that I am an oil magnet. I don't even hardly ever cook w/ how in the world do I get it on me? Not a clue. Really. It just seems to walk over to me and plop a little Miss Amaya would be my buddy. While I'm "Grease Lightening"ing all my spots, I could just throw some on hers...or wait! While you're at it for her, how about I just ship you my stuff?? xo