Thursday, February 4, 2010

Did You Know?

Did you know that there is this totally, totally, awesome blog that you can find really cool giveaways at?
You can find giveaways for things like giant fortune cookies, Wilton cake pans and really cool Etsy things.
I know you can win things by checking out these giveaways because I have won several and my friend Rett has one a couple.
What are you waiting for? Click here and you should consider becoming a follower while your there.
PS Please, please, please become a follower so I can start doing reviews myself. OK, I know it sounds like I'm begging and that is exactly what I'm doing.

1 comment:

Tony and Rett said...

Yes! I have won two (so far)! And I think it's awesome that you'll share this little treasure of yours! I mean, we'll then be competition!

Whoo hoo! I LOVE winning!

Thanks for the tip!