Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Frugal Friend Started a Blog

I have this friend that I met many years ago back when we were single and wanting men like crazy. I will admit that we met at line dancing class and it was soooo much fun. I think we actually laughed more than we caught onto the steps.

Anyway Wendy is one of those people that can work miracles with coupons and buy like $200 worth of groceries for about $10 (OK maybe not that good but close to it). Wendy also doesn't use her dryer in the summer. She has not convinced me to stop using my dryer yet. Wendy also cans and well you get the picture.

Anyway Wendy has just started a blog to share some of her frugal living secrets so I thought some of you might want to check it out. Wendy is also a mom of 3 young boys and 2 of them being twins.

Go check out her blog and tell her Sarah sent you.

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Sally- That Girl! said...

Thanks for link always looking for good blogs that offer great tips on saving money. Hope your daughter is feeling better!