Wednesday, February 17, 2010


NO thank you Holly! As a homeschooled child myself I know this is not something I could do. I'm good at loving on them, feeding them, cleaning up after them, dressing them, loving them being a mom but I am in no way a teacher.

Teachers have a gift and well I did not get that gift.

I am so, so excited! I have been working on my other blog today. I have contacted some Etsy shops and I have 2 shops so far that are going to let me host giveaways for them. Have I told you how much I love Etsy? You didn't know that did you?

So what are your kids doing on these snow days?

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Holly said...

Can I giggle at you from a distance?
See, you have been their teacher ALL along...just been calling it Mommy-ing! :)
But I won't tell anyone else!!
We had a total of ONE snow day and I am posting pics on my blog today.
Sorry for you- feel free to come down south ya'll :)
love you,