Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Goodness I've Been Busy

You know I thought life was crazy when we first brought Jaxson home having a 2, 3 & 4 year old but it was nothing compared to how crazy life is now.

The economy hit us very hard and we have been trying and trying to find ways to make up for the income we have lost and God is providing but it has made our lives a tad bit crazy.

If you were following last spring you know that one way of doing this was to start going to foreclosure auctions and buying and selling huge lots of things. The only place to store those things is in our garage so we haven't been doing that through the winter but we have been keeping busy with other things.

Last fall my dear hubby, who happens to be a mechanical genius and is an auto technician, started flipping cars. Have you seen the HGTV show called Flip That House? That's what Chris has started doing with cars. Chris buys cars that are non-running, the owner can't afford to fix it and he fixes them, makes sure there safe and sells them. It is soooo much fun to be on the search for cars to flip but it usually means Saturdays are either spent on the hunt for the best car or he's working on the cars. His latest buy was a Cadillac in a box as he calls it. Someone tried to fix it and it didn't go well. Most GM techs are scared to touch a Cadillac motor let alone someone that thinks they can do it at home. This car in a box is what Chris loves. He loves to be challenged and it gives him a chance to use the gift God gave him.

I have been trying to figure out little ways I can help while still being a stay-at-home mom because that is soooo very important to us. This is one reason I have started my other blog to try to figure out how to make a little (not a lot) extra to help out. If nothing else we are winning some really cool things that we would never have bought for ourselves. This truly has become a full time job.

I also have my 2 beautiful Cavaliers that hopefully will be having some puppies this year to sell. If my figures are right and everything goes well, we should have puppies ready for new homes around Christmas. I can't wait for this because it will be so much fun to see the looks on faces when they see the face of the little Cavalier pups. Have you ever seen a Cavalier pup? I don't think you could find a pup much cuter.

On top of all those things God asked Rett and I to get the orphan ministry back in gear so I have been re-searching for that.

So needless to say with 2 four year olds, a six year old and all the other things going on life is just crazy. You would see that if you looked at my house and laundry right now.

On top of that it is time to start going to foreclosure auctions again. They are fun though to see if you can find any hidden treasures.

So if you can't find me here for a few days at a time you can probably find me here.

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Shonni said...

My husband also loves to work on cars! Our son bought a 68 Ford Mustang that they worked on till Jace moved to TX and took it with him. And it is very handy when the cars act up around here.
Thank you for your sweet comments over at my blog...I so appreciate it. Sorry it has been hard for sometime.