Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What If It Were You?

This morning I went to a blog that a friend had emailed about. I was brought to tears when I read this blog because it is a mom of 10, mostly adopted, and this mom is dying from cancer. Can you imagine?

Linny just posted on her blog about this lady and she is challenging everyone to stand in prayer for this lady on Monday. Please, please go read Linny's post here and please consider standing in prayer for this family.

What if it were YOU?


Adeye said...

I'm onto it, sweet friend. My heart breaks.

Adeye said...

Oh goodness--I am onto it, sweet friend. My heart is broken for them.

Holly said...

I know, I know! What if it were me?
Would I be able to face such a trial with the grace, maturity and gentleness that Cindy is? Oh my.
I am honored to be able to fast for a day on her behalf.