Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day At Uncle Walt's

Yesterday my Uncle Walt and his wife Robin had the family over for a day of fun. They have some really cool land and we had a blast.
Can you tell the creek was a hit with the kids?

Uncle Nathan was showing the kids some fish.

A lot of the family spent the night so they had tents and a camper set up and the kids loved it.

We all had lots of fun on the 4-wheelers and I'm thinking we need one, maybe 2 of them now.

Look, even my mom had fun on the 4-wheelers!

Chris, Jaxson and I came home because Jaxson has a hard time at night. We have had 3 good nights with him and we weren't about to ruin that. It was a 3 hour drive home and after Jaxson talked non-stop for 2 hours he finally fell asleep. Snicker's decided he wanted to sit on Jaxson's lap.


Tony and Rett said...

Looks like fun! And you DO need four wheelers for your land!!!

christina said...

These fun pictures make me want an "Uncle Walt" of my own! :)