Monday, July 13, 2009

Bathroom Fun

See the fun Paige and Jaxson had in the bathroom?
OK, ignore the totally ugly pink and green tiles you see (somebody can call HGTV to Save Our Bath) and notice the blobs of wet toilet paper all ever the bathroom. When I say all over the bathroom I mean ceiling, floor and walls, THE ENTIRE BATHROOM.

Can you tell they had a blast?

We had a very busy weekend so I had to just clean up the big mess and today I am finding little pieces of dried up toilet paper all over the house.

Oh to be a kid again and have the greatest time ever getting globs of toilet paper wet and decorating the house with it.


Holly said...

what a great attitude...not sure I would have handled it with such grace!

Adeye said...

Ha--that is toooo funny. Have to agree with Holly--you have the BEST attitude :)

Thank you, friend, for posting Hailee's button. I appreciate it more than words can say.

Jaime said...

it turned wonderfully! i used a graham cracker crust, which didn't really stay in crust form because of having to press the cookie dough into it. but it was still delicious! (and not overly, sickingly sweet like we had anticipated!)

annie said...

Hi, I'm a friend of Jaime's and say your question about the cookie/cake/pie. I know Jaime commented about it's delicious-ness and I wanted to agree! It was really good! (O: