Monday, July 6, 2009

I Have Gone Bow Crazy!

OK, I have totally gone bow crazy! Since I found out about the incredible sale at Sara Beth Bows and getting the OK from my incredible husband due to it being a good cause, I have gone bow crazy.

I won't even tell you how many bows I have ordered (I really don't even know) but let's just say several. The lady sent me my invoice last night and to my surprise a wonderful friend had found out about my new bow addiction and had bought a gift certificate for me. I was so very excited and well that meant I needed more bows.

This morning I got thinking that they would make wonderful Christmas presents so I added even more bows to my order.

So if you want to get in on this incredible sale you better do it now before I end up buying more. Just click here if you want to get in on the sale before I buy her out.

PS My friend Rett is having surgery in a couple hours, could you please pray for her?


Holly said...

Praying for Rett right now and wishing I had a little one to buy bows for. (sigh)

christina said...

All of this talk about cute bows has got me wanting to buy some...I wonder if Caleb & Matthew would mind? {grin} I am excited for you..and your girls!
We are praying for Rett, too.

Holly said...

Will you email me your newest email address...I didn't save it and still have the aol one.
I want to get your phone number and want to talk sometime about this orphan ministry opportunity!

chicknboy said...

oh my! I'm crackin' up!

it's a healthy addiction -and it's for a good cause..that's what I keep telling myself. :)

Joyful mom said...

Ha ha--you are toooo funny :)

Praying for Rett, friend.