Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday-Part 2

OK, I just read what I wrote earlier and things have calmed down a bit here so I better explain the last part a little more before people that I know start freaking out.

We are not seriously considering these 2 kiddos to bring home, yet. We do not know what God has planned for us but God is nudging us right now. I know many, many people do not understand why we would even consider something like this but that's OK.

We do know that more than likely our family is not finished yet. We do know that our hearts are with special needs kids. We do know that our hearts break or should I say get torn apart when we see what special needs kids in other countries have to live in. Actually it might even be more accurate to say the conditions they are left to die in.

So I guess a pre-warning here that Chris and I will do what we feel God tells us to do and it doesn't matter if people agree with us or not. Some I'm sure would wonder how we could even consider doing something like this and if it would be fair to our children. I say how could we not do what we are ask of God because it would not be fair to our children.

So just to make it clear we are not starting the adoption process yet but we do have our eyes and ears open to hopefully know when God does say "GO".


Adeye said...

woohoo---I am so excited! I cannot wait to see what God has in store for your amazing family. It can only be GOOD, friend. So GOOD!

Love and biggest hugs.

Mom Of Many said...

Yippee Jesus!! I cannot wait to see what God does. xo

Holly said...

In case you still need a laugh...
imagine with me an adorable Chinese boy running around the pool trying to get his trunks off screaming, "there's a fire in my butt!" (fire ants....gotta love the South.)
Yes, he has a nice red bite on his booper.
Thank you Jesus for children...and those fire ants, they're going straight to Hell, right Lord? Right?

Tony and Rett said...

Ok, wow. Good. Thought I had been MIA for way too long. Then was about to be offended because you hadn't called or email me to tell me the good news!

Glad things have calmed down and ultra excited to see who your next babies are!!!