Monday, July 20, 2009


OK, am I the only stay-at-home mom that dreads Mondays? For real what happens to the kids between the time they go to bed on Sunday night until the wake up on Monday morning?

We have good kids but man Monday's are not so good. All three of the kids woke up grumpy, all three kids have already spent time in their beds twice, one of them 3 times because they can't seem to be in the same room together and it's only 9:21 AM.

Please Lord help me get through this morning.

All this and I am crazy enough to be talking to Chris about bringing 2, yes 2 kids home that have down syndrome. If your family and reading this don't get scared because God has a lot He would have to put in place to make this happen but who would have thought we would have been able to bring home Jaxson.

Please, someone post something to make me laugh or smile. Rett, are you out there? Please make me smile this morning!


christina said...

Oh, sweet Sarah! The enemy invades my home from time to time on Monday mornings, too. I think it's because my kids are tired from a busy weekend and I am missing my husband. :) This morning, I dropped a 2 lb. package of blueberries all over the kitchen floor...and then Caleb and Matthew began stepping on them. ugh! You are not alone! :) I just quickly prayed, forced myself to laugh, and then cranked up the praise music (then began the clean-up)! God, help us in our mothering! :) Love you!

Mom Of Many said...

OH Sarah! Aren't days like that the worst? Especially when its not even barely started...but just remember you ARE making a difference and tomorrow will be a new day!

And two with Downs? You go girl!! That's what I'm talking about....

Tony and Rett said...

Darn! It's Tuesday...I missed your post! I hope you're smiling today. I'm sorry I couldn't help yesterday!!!

And what's this about TWO kiddos? TWO? TWO? OH MY WORD...I wonder which two....I haven't been MIA that long have I?