Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Trees, Trees and More Trees

I am so excited! I just got a email saying that the 40 Norway Spruce trees that we ordered will be here on Friday. Chris doesn't know it yet but we will be very busy planting trees this weekend.

Planting trees is a hobby of ours and is something we have done every year since we have been married (11 this October). It is so much fun to go check on our baby trees and see how they are growing. Right now we have 8 baby trees in our yard that are starting to bud and we check them every time we go out. The kids love watching them grow too and they love taking care of them.

We also have several babies at the land that we are watching too. I'm so glad God gave us enough land to plant trees for the next 80 years or so.


Joyful Mom said...

Doing your part for the environment---you go girl!!!!

Trusting you can move onto your land sooner than you think :)

Mom Of Many said...

Wow! You weren't kidding when you commented on my blog about planting all the trees in Africa...and you said you LOVE to plant trees. Wow! You go girl!!