Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thankful Thursday and My Challange To You

Today I am thankful for:

Birds singing in the morning

Hugs and kisses from 3 miracle children God has blessed us with

A husband that never leaves or hangs up the phone without telling me he loves me

A puppy that cuddles under my chin to go to sleep

Friends that listen to God's call even when it's scary

Coffee in the morning (I've cut back to 6 cups)

A God who is always there for me

Now for my challenge to you:

First I want to challenge you to go read the blog post from The Journey that she wrote yesterday by clicking here.

Now I would like to challenge you to stop reading for a minute and pray for Katie and that God would bless her ministry like crazy and to provide for her every need.

One more thing I would like to ask you to do. Katie has said yes to God in something that would scare the crap out of most of us. I would say there are probably very few people that would do what Katie does. If you read her post and said to yourself "wow that's awesome" will you be willing to donate $5 to buy some seeds to help Katie with her garden project? Katie does what God asks her but she also trusts that God will provide her every need. Five dollars is a cup of coffee at St*rbucks but in Africa $5 could buy the seeds to teach a village how to survive. If you are willing to say yes to this challenge or maybe God will ask you to give to another project of hers or money to help feed the children then please go to my sidebar to the button that says Amazima. It is so easy to donate and it could change the life of a child by donating just $5.

Thank you my dear friends and don't forget to thank God for something today.


Shonni said...

I read her post yesterday and was praising the LORD for what she is doing! What an amazing God we belong to!
Your TT was nice also!

Mom Of Many said...

Sweet friend,
You've cut to SIX cups of coffeee? I think they have a patch for that! WOW! You are addicted girlfriend....And on that note...I can't wait to share cupS of coffee with you...xo

Joyful Mom said...

What a beautiful challenge!

Sooo much to be thankful for. Thank you for a heartfelt post, sweet friend.

christina said...

So thankful for your Thankful Thursday posts...always remind me of God's goodness. :) I am really impressed with your 6 CUPS OF COFFEE! A support group of some kind might be in order! :)