Monday, April 6, 2009

Giveaway at Linny's Place

I have to be crazy for even posting this because I want to win this but I need to share this giveaway with you. I'm really hoping most of you already know about this because I hope you keep up with Linny's blog.

Linny does something called memorial box Monday's. I have always thought this was a totally cool thing she did but I never thought I would do it. Actually she has posted encouraging her readers to do this many times and I just blew it off.

Today she posted and I don't know why but I knew this is something we need to start doing as a family. I doubt I will do it every Monday but our family needs to start a memorial box.

Linny feels so strongly about doing this that she is giving one away to help someone get started with one.

If you haven't been reading her blog (you are missing out on some amazing God stories if your not reading it) go back and read some of her Memorial Box Monday's.

I never realized until today how much of a witness to God's blessings and his promises a memorial box could be to our children and to those that enter our home. God has given us so much and we need to share those blessings.

So even though this could mean that we don't win the memorial box I would love for you to jump on over to her blog by clicking here and sign up for the giveaway.


Joyful Mom said...

I love her idea of a memorial box. Such a special thing to do.

Hope you're doing well, friend.

Mom Of Many said...

You provided some much needed humor when you posted a comment about MBM. You caved! LOL Too funny. xo