Monday, April 20, 2009


This morning I have tears of joy. Very soon after we started the adoption process of Jaxson in the fall of 2007 a little boy came up on the waiting child list. When I first saw his face he just touched my heart sooooo much. If Jaxson would have been home already I think I would have had to convince Chris that this precious child needed to come home to our home.

I started praying and praying that a good family would come forward to adopt this precious boy. One day on one of my yahoo groups a lady posted for prayer about a little boy they wanted to bring home so very badly but the agency wouldn't let them move forward yet because they hadn't been home with their other child long enough. I can understand why agencies have this rule but at the same time when God says go who are they to say no. I knew in my heart it was this little boy she was talking about and I even emailed her to see because I was so excited for him that a family wanted him. I cried and prayed over the fact that this family wanted him so very bad but couldn't move forward.

Finally after what seemed like forever the agency told them they could move forward with him. I was so excited, finally this precious beautiful child had a family working to bring him home.

After they got the OK to move forward with him she posted one day that they had named him Gideon. She explained about Gideon in the Bible and how Gideon meant Mighty Warrior. This is one story I will not forget because this family could see past everything that scared so many others and knew that he was a mighty warrior.

I can't even write this post without tears running down my face because this child has touched me so much and finally he has a home.

The process has been anything but fast for them but FINALLY Gideon is in the arms of his mommy and daddy! If only all orphans had people that would fight so hard for them.

Please go check out their blog here and tell them congratulations.


Jackie Egan said...

You had me crying as I read your post. I knew you had prayed all along for our Gideon and I promise he will know how much you cared for him. Take care and enjoy your precious family. Gideon is finally right where he was meant to be!

Joyful Mom said...

Oh Sarah--I totally recognize that sweet boy. I think he was on AGCI's waiting list?

Yayyeeee---rejoicing that this little heart has found a home.
Thank you for sharing.