Wednesday, April 22, 2009


As Christians we know that life brings storms. I once watched a Rob Bell video that I don't think I will ever forget. The video talked about how his family went camping. Rob decided to take his baby son out on a hike and they had walked a long way. They ended up walking in the woods in a storm.

Rob said that his son got very scared and just clung very tightly. Rob said he just knew he needed to do whatever he had to do to protect his son and make him feel safe. He said even though it was one of the scariest times in his son's life for him it was one of the most precious times. It was precious to Rob because he was able to hold his son so tightly and to protect him. He said that God must feel that way to when we go through a storm. Even though all we can see ahead of us is the storm and how scary it is God is holding us close and protecting us.

You know I have seen people go through storms. I have gone through many storms in my life. I have never, ever seen anyone go through a storm as big as the Saunder's though. All I keep thinking is that Satan must be scared to death of these people to bring this much heartache to them. The Saunder's were hit with more horrible news yesterday about their daughter.

I really wish I lived closer and I would find everyone I knew to just stand around their home and pray Satan out and tell him to leave them alone. We can't be there to do it but we can do it from our homes wherever that might be. Would you please pray with me that God would calm the storm they have been going through non-stop for way too long now. Pray that Satan would see that God has one this fight and it's time to leave them alone. Pray for complete healing of their daughter Autumn. Also just pray for strength for them.

Please drop by their blog by clicking here and let them know they are being lifted in prayer.


Tony and Rett said...

Storm...good analogy...that's what they're certainly in the midst of.

Joyful Mom said...

YES---praying for them too. We know they must be doing something RIGHT, and the enemy hates it!